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Senior Savings Network

Free Medicare Help from Christopher Westfall, Sr.

Unlike most Medicare insurance agents, who only search for major plans that pay them, we search EVERY Medicare option available. This search is why we find benefits and savings that others miss.

Why do all of the research and sign up process yourself when we’re willing to help you for FREE?

My experienced team and I are willing to offer you our services free of charge or obligation. We are a free resource to help navigate the Medicare process. 

You can reach our office at 1-800-729-9590


Day or Night, You can call us.


Send Us a Private Message:

We DO NOT sell your information or give it to anyone else. We WILL NOT call you, unless requested. Your information is safe and secure with us, always.

See Their Experiences:

  • Theresa Nunez Avatar
    Theresa N.

    The Senior Savings Network is the Best! The best in everything they do for their clients. You will not… read more – 10/11/2021

    Mark Natale Avatar
    Mark N.

    There are so many plans and options that you began to wonder what is really the right choice. Your… read more – 10/06/2021

    Cgee H Avatar
    Cgee H.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network for advice and recommendations regarding Medicare. I recently received help from Melanie Bell regarding… read more – 8/19/2021

    JHAN K.

    As a person turning 65 I was facing the many choices/decisions involved with losing my company retiree insurance and switching… read more – 8/18/2021

    Phil Mall Avatar
    Phil M.

    Melanie is absolutely the best! So personable, pleasant, and knowledgeable. Christopher is lucky to have her on his team. … read more – 6/29/2021

    Patrick Keegan Avatar
    Patrick K.

    I’m very happy with the support I’ve received from The Senior Savings Network. Kendall Pace provided me with written listings… read more – 6/28/2021

    Maureen Cunningham Avatar
    Maureen C.

    Kendall was amazing. She was so full of information and helpful. It is very intimidating all the information they give… read more – 6/28/2021

    Brandon B. Avatar
    Brandon B.

    wonderful honest organization – 6/17/2021

    Stormy1 Avatar

    I was looking for a medical supplement plan and had no previous experience with such a thing. Everything was as… read more – 5/28/2021

    Patie Edwards Avatar
    Patie E.

    I received outstanding service from Kendall. & Robert Haddock. They were very knowledgeable and was able to answer all… read more – 5/28/2021

    Billy Bob Barnabe Avatar
    Billy B.

    Melanie Bell and her associates are as they say they are. They are honest, forthright, and there to help…. read more – 5/26/2021

    Joy Tidwell Avatar
    Joy T.

    If you are nearing 65 and feeling the pressure about what Medicare plan to choose, call Kristina Guerry and allow… read more – 5/15/2021

    Mike Wetteland Avatar
    Mike W.

    I could write a book on how pleased I was with Melanie’s advice and guidance she provided in helping me… read more – 5/07/2021

    Dolly F. Avatar
    Dolly F.

    Love the professional integrity these people provide. The many videos posted have been a tremendous help in understanding the process… read more – 5/01/2021

    Rollie Richmond Avatar
    Rollie R.

    Our experience was very positive. Our agent, Kendall Pace, was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions thoroughly…. read more – 4/23/2021

  • Carol Ann Forbes Avatar
    Carol A.

    I just want to say that after watching some of Christopher Westfall’s videos on YouTube I decided to call and… read more – 4/18/2021

    gasman14787 Avatar

    After watching numerous youtube videos of Christopher explaining Medicare, I called Senior Savings Network and spoke to Licensed Agent Melanie… read more – 3/16/2021

    Lexington Greene Avatar
    Lexington G.

    I have followed Senior Savings Network for well over 5 years. Their YouTube videos provide excellent, straightforward, current information… read more – 3/01/2021

    Sharon Broussard Avatar
    Sharon B.

    They have helped us understand and save money ever since we became eligible for Medicare (5 years now). Not… read more – 2/12/2021

    Jo Ann Trammell Avatar
    Jo A.

    Last year, was open enrollment for us. At that time, it was so reassuring to have the help and… read more – 1/27/2021

    Lynnda C. Avatar
    Lynnda C.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network for your supplemental policy! Melanie Bell is very knowledgeable and walked me through the… read more – 1/26/2021

    Ed Reiter Avatar
    Ed R.

    It was a pleasure working with Kendall and the Senior Savings Network Team. The videos are most informative and… read more – 1/20/2021

    Patti M. Avatar
    Patti M.

    Talked with Melanie Bell,very professional and knowledgeable would highly recommend. – 1/12/2021

    Agnes W. Avatar
    Agnes W.

    My husband and I called Senior Savings Network because our Medicare Part B supplemental policy cost had exploded! The lady… read more – 1/12/2021

    Pat L. Avatar
    Pat L.

    I like that the folks I dealt with actually seemed to like their job and liked helping people. I never… read more – 1/11/2021

    Holly Johnson Avatar
    Holly J.

    I will be 65 very soon and knew I had to sign up for additional coverage besides Parts A and… read more – 1/07/2021

    Melody K. Avatar
    Melody K.

    Sr. Savings Network is an insurance broker for Medicare products (also long term care insurance too which Medicare does not… read more – 1/05/2021

    Clif Gentle Avatar
    Clif G.

    I was told to call Senior Saving Network before I enrolled for my Medicare Plan B.

    Brook took my call. She…
    read more
    – 1/04/2021

    Henry A. Avatar
    Henry A.

    I have took alot of risk in forex/binary trading, I have been scammed different times with different account manager I… read more – 1/02/2021

    Sharon Gonwa Avatar
    Sharon G.

    Signing up for Medicare for the first time is a nightmare – unless you have qualified, expert help who puts… read more – 12/28/2020

  • S Godiva Avatar
    S G.

    Signing up for Medicare for the first time is a nightmare – unless you have qualified, expert help who puts… read more – 12/28/2020

    Michael R. Avatar
    Michael R.

    Great experience, very knowledgeable & very polite – if you need insurance I highly recommend this agency!!! – 12/28/2020

    Margot Zimmerman Avatar
    Margot Z.

    Senior Savings Network is an outstanding company. We found them four years ago after striking out on our own… read more – 12/28/2020

    Gary P. Avatar
    Gary P.

    Haley Wiggins with Senior Savings Network did an OUTSTANDING job in helping to explain the very confusing and overwhelming amount… read more – 12/21/2020

    Bob Jerman Avatar
    Bob J.

    Fantastic customer service was provided by both individuals that I interacted with at the Senior Savings Network. I had… read more – 12/17/2020

    Sherry P. Avatar
    Sherry P.

    Any Senior friends looking excellent Medicare services, I highly recommend Senior Savings network! – 12/17/2020

    Carl D. Avatar
    Carl D.

    very nice and professional at what they do they will find the right plan for you – 12/15/2020

    Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.

    Well, medicare can be confusing with the a la carte menus for all of the plans. These guys have studied… read more – 12/15/2020

    Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.

    These people really know their stuff! They provided very specific, timely, and free information to us regarding our Medicare… read more – 12/10/2020

    Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    Kendall Pace (our representative) was so helpful in taking out the worry of making the right choice. She made… read more – 11/30/2020

    David Spangler Avatar
    David S.

    I have found Senior Savings Network to act more like a partner than a vendor/agent. I learn so very much… read more – 11/19/2020

    Barbara B. Avatar
    Barbara B.

    I have used this network and gotten to know Michael over the phone since they started up. Have never… read more – 11/18/2020

    Jay Urban Avatar
    Jay U.

    Received the expected phone call on the dot. The advisor was very courteous and helpful with all my questions… read more – 11/18/2020

    Colleen Flanagan Avatar
    Colleen F.

    Found this wonderful company via Chris Westfall’s YouTube videos. Have used Senior Savings Network since I became Medicare eligible years… read more – 11/15/2020

    Connie W. Avatar
    Connie W.

    My agent is Melanie Bell. She gave me her full attention. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She helped… read more – 11/07/2020

  • Niki S. Avatar
    Niki S.

    Highly recommended this company to anyone needing assistance choosing Medicare Supplemental insurance. The agent I spoke with, Melanie, was… read more – 11/03/2020

    Rebecca C. Avatar
    Rebecca C.

    They are knowledgeable, prepared, friendly, responsive, and accurate. I saved over 66% from my previous insurance with a higher benefit level…amazing. – 11/03/2020

    Kris L. Avatar
    Kris L.

    Great company, Kendall with senior savings was very helpful and knowledgeable. – 10/30/2020

    Willie H. Avatar
    Willie H.

    I really would recommend senior saving network. – 10/27/2020

    Joseph N. Avatar
    Joseph N.

    the info I needed because I understand ship about insurance – 10/26/2020

    R Patton Avatar
    R P.

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!! My husband and I spoke with Haley for a… read more – 10/23/2020

    Patty S. Avatar
    Patty S.

    I am fairly new to Medicare. I was confused and stressed. After making the decision to contact Senior Savings Network… read more – 10/22/2020

    Joe L. Avatar
    Joe L.

    They are looking out for their clients, not going for the highest commission. I’m going into year 2 of Medicare… read more – 10/22/2020

    Jim M. Avatar
    Jim M.

    First, turning 65 has its own issues, we won’t go there!

    As for signing up for Medicare I did not have…
    read more
    – 10/21/2020

    Dale E. Avatar
    Dale E.

    Helpful and FREE advice regarding Medicare related issues. I live in another state but contacted them after seeing founder Christopher… read more – 10/20/2020

    Catherine A. Avatar
    Catherine A.

    As always clear and concise information with knowledgeable agents! – 10/16/2020

    Vivi Whit Avatar
    Vivi W.

    Had a wonderful experience with their agent Kendall when I called in for assistance with understanding Medicare and my options…. read more – 10/16/2020

    Dru Thompson Avatar
    Dru T.

    The services provided by a trained consultant in Medicare and Part D plans are invaluable. It saves time and… read more – 10/10/2020

    Richard Keller Avatar
    Richard K.

    My wife and I contacted Chris Westfall’s Senior Savings Network after researching Medicare and supplemental plans 6 months prior to… read more – 10/05/2020

    Vickie L. Avatar
    Vickie L.

    Robert Haddock was my agent in finding the Medicare Advantage policy suited for me. He treated me like royalty…. read more – 10/01/2020

  • Robert Porter Avatar
    Robert P.

    I am a total believer in this great company…I have interacted with Christopher (the owner) Melanie and Kendall….All three are… read more – 9/30/2020

    Ron Gustafson Avatar
    Ron G.

    I was referred here by my wife who had a great experience. I was very impressed with the professional… read more – 9/25/2020

    debra mcmillan Avatar
    debra m.

    Melanie was polite, patient, and professional while working with me. She offered several products for my consideration without pressuring me… read more – 9/23/2020

    Kathy V. Avatar
    Kathy V.

    I recommend Senior Savings Network to anyone turning 65. I love the idea of having an advocate to guide me… read more – 9/22/2020

    Thomas Adams Avatar
    Thomas A.

    Melanie was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions! Super professional and friendly! – 9/17/2020

    Joseph S. Avatar
    Joseph S.

    My wife and I highly recommend Senior Savings Network to anyone looking for the best prices for a Medicare Supplemental… read more – 9/15/2020

    Gloria P. Avatar
    Gloria P.

    Give them 5 stars. I was so worried & confused when starting Medicare. Found Christopher’s informative videos on You Tube…. read more – 9/11/2020

    Svetlana Davydets Avatar
    Svetlana D.

    Senior Savings Network is a great team of experienced agents who helped me and my husband to pick the right… read more – 9/10/2020

    Galen Drake Avatar
    Galen D.

    Chris and his team are amazing! Have been associated with them for 3 years, always helpful. I initially signed up… read more – 9/10/2020

    Franklin Watson Avatar
    Franklin W.

    Melanie was very helpful with all aspects of this transaction. Very professional and knowledgeable about the availability… read more – 9/10/2020

    Norma Vandermeer Avatar
    Norma V.

    Haley has been extremely pleasant and helpful each time I have spoken to her. She takes time to answer… read more – 9/09/2020

    Peggy Phillips Avatar
    Peggy P.

    Senior Savings Network staff is excellent in answering all questions. They give the information and make suggestions, but you… read more – 9/08/2020

    Brenda Burdge Avatar
    Brenda B.

    I began my search into Medicare plans 3 years ago and came across Senior Savings Network. After watching several of… read more – 9/03/2020

    Bill Lockwood Avatar
    Bill L.

    Just got off the phone with Melanie ! She did a great job with explaining about the world of… read more – 9/02/2020

    Bill L. Avatar
    Bill L.

    Just got off the phone with Melanie ! She did a great job with explaining about the world of… read more – 9/02/2020

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