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Welcome! Whether you were referred here by one of our great clients, or viewed our informational content online, we’re happy to help you ease into your journey with Medicare!

Why do all of the research and sign up process yourself when we’re willing to help you for FREE?

My experienced team and I are willing to offer you our services free of charge, obligation, and judgement. You can reach our office at 1-800-729-9590


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We are licensed in 46 states, and in the 4 remaining we have trusted referral partners who are committed to independence and excellence, just like us. 

What Types of Plans Do You Have?

In my 25 years of experience, I have learned that the only plan worth having is the plan that works best for you and your current situation. That’s why I partner with  the best insurance companies in the country to develop the type of plan that serves you needs. 

How Much Do You Cost?

My services are 100% free, always

How? Just like your auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance agents, health insurance agents are compensated by the carrier when you buy a policy.

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  • Mike W. Avatar
    Mike W.

    I could write a book on how pleased I was with Melanie’s advice and guidance she provided in helping me… read more – 5/07/2021

    Dolly F. Avatar
    Dolly F.

    Love the professional integrity these people provide. The many videos posted have been a tremendous help in understanding the process… read more – 5/01/2021

    Rollie R. Avatar
    Rollie R.

    Our experience was very positive. Our agent, Kendall Pace, was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions thoroughly…. read more – 4/23/2021

    Carol A. Avatar
    Carol A.

    I just want to say that after watching some of Christopher Westfall’s videos on YouTube I decided to call and… read more – 4/18/2021

    gasman14787 Avatar

    After watching numerous youtube videos of Christopher explaining Medicare, I called Senior Savings Network and spoke to Licensed Agent Melanie… read more – 3/16/2021

    Lexington G. Avatar
    Lexington G.

    I have followed Senior Savings Network for well over 5 years. Their YouTube videos provide excellent, straightforward, current information… read more – 3/01/2021

    Sharon B. Avatar
    Sharon B.

    They have helped us understand and save money ever since we became eligible for Medicare (5 years now). Not… read more – 2/12/2021

    Jo A. Avatar
    Jo A.

    Last year, was open enrollment for us. At that time, it was so reassuring to have the help and… read more – 1/27/2021

    Lynnda C. Avatar
    Lynnda C.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network for your supplemental policy! Melanie Bell is very knowledgeable and walked me through the… read more – 1/26/2021

    Ed R. Avatar
    Ed R.

    It was a pleasure working with Kendall and the Senior Savings Network Team. The videos are most informative and… read more – 1/20/2021

    Patti M. Avatar
    Patti M.

    Talked with Melanie Bell,very professional and knowledgeable would highly recommend. – 1/12/2021

    Agnes W. Avatar
    Agnes W.

    My husband and I called Senior Savings Network because our Medicare Part B supplemental policy cost had exploded! The lady… read more – 1/12/2021

    Pat L. Avatar
    Pat L.

    I like that the folks I dealt with actually seemed to like their job and liked helping people. I never… read more – 1/11/2021

    Holly J. Avatar
    Holly J.

    I will be 65 very soon and knew I had to sign up for additional coverage besides Parts A and… read more – 1/07/2021

    Melody K. Avatar
    Melody K.

    Sr. Savings Network is an insurance broker for Medicare products (also long term care insurance too which Medicare does not… read more – 1/05/2021

    Clif G. Avatar
    Clif G.

    I was told to call Senior Saving Network before I enrolled for my Medicare Plan B.

    Brook took my call. She…
    read more
    – 1/04/2021

    Henry A. Avatar
    Henry A.

    I have took alot of risk in forex/binary trading, I have been scammed different times with different account manager I… read more – 1/02/2021

    Sharon G. Avatar
    Sharon G.

    Signing up for Medicare for the first time is a nightmare – unless you have qualified, expert help who puts… read more – 12/28/2020

    S G. Avatar
    S G.

    Signing up for Medicare for the first time is a nightmare – unless you have qualified, expert help who puts… read more – 12/28/2020

    Michael R. Avatar
    Michael R.

    Great experience, very knowledgeable & very polite – if you need insurance I highly recommend this agency!!! – 12/28/2020

    Margot Z. Avatar
    Margot Z.

    Senior Savings Network is an outstanding company. We found them four years ago after striking out on our own… read more – 12/28/2020

    Gary P. Avatar
    Gary P.

    Haley Wiggins with Senior Savings Network did an OUTSTANDING job in helping to explain the very confusing and overwhelming amount… read more – 12/21/2020

    Bob J. Avatar
    Bob J.

    Fantastic customer service was provided by both individuals that I interacted with at the Senior Savings Network. I had… read more – 12/17/2020

    Sherry P. Avatar
    Sherry P.

    Any Senior friends looking excellent Medicare services, I highly recommend Senior Savings network! – 12/17/2020

    Carl D. Avatar
    Carl D.

    very nice and professional at what they do they will find the right plan for you – 12/15/2020

    Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.

    Well, medicare can be confusing with the a la carte menus for all of the plans. These guys have studied… read more – 12/15/2020

    Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.

    These people really know their stuff! They provided very specific, timely, and free information to us regarding our Medicare… read more – 12/10/2020

    Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    Kendall Pace (our representative) was so helpful in taking out the worry of making the right choice. She made… read more – 11/30/2020

    David S. Avatar
    David S.

    I have found Senior Savings Network to act more like a partner than a vendor/agent. I learn so very much… read more – 11/19/2020

    Barbara B. Avatar
    Barbara B.

    I have used this network and gotten to know Michael over the phone since they started up. Have never… read more – 11/18/2020

    Jay U. Avatar
    Jay U.

    Received the expected phone call on the dot. The advisor was very courteous and helpful with all my questions… read more – 11/18/2020

    Colleen F. Avatar
    Colleen F.

    Found this wonderful company via Chris Westfall’s YouTube videos. Have used Senior Savings Network since I became Medicare eligible years… read more – 11/15/2020

    Connie W. Avatar
    Connie W.

    My agent is Melanie Bell. She gave me her full attention. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She helped… read more – 11/07/2020

    Niki S. Avatar
    Niki S.

    Highly recommended this company to anyone needing assistance choosing Medicare Supplemental insurance. The agent I spoke with, Melanie, was… read more – 11/03/2020

    Rebecca C. Avatar
    Rebecca C.

    They are knowledgeable, prepared, friendly, responsive, and accurate. I saved over 66% from my previous insurance with a higher benefit level…amazing. – 11/03/2020

    Kris L. Avatar
    Kris L.

    Great company, Kendall with senior savings was very helpful and knowledgeable. – 10/30/2020

    Willie H. Avatar
    Willie H.

    I really would recommend senior saving network. – 10/27/2020

    Joseph N. Avatar
    Joseph N.

    the info I needed because I understand ship about insurance – 10/26/2020

    R P. Avatar
    R P.

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!! My husband and I spoke with Haley for a… read more – 10/23/2020

    Patty S. Avatar
    Patty S.

    I am fairly new to Medicare. I was confused and stressed. After making the decision to contact Senior Savings Network… read more – 10/22/2020

    Joe L. Avatar
    Joe L.

    They are looking out for their clients, not going for the highest commission. I’m going into year 2 of Medicare… read more – 10/22/2020

    Jim M. Avatar
    Jim M.

    First, turning 65 has its own issues, we won’t go there!

    As for signing up for Medicare I did not have…
    read more
    – 10/21/2020

    Dale E. Avatar
    Dale E.

    Helpful and FREE advice regarding Medicare related issues. I live in another state but contacted them after seeing founder Christopher… read more – 10/20/2020

    Catherine A. Avatar
    Catherine A.

    As always clear and concise information with knowledgeable agents! – 10/16/2020

    Vivi W. Avatar
    Vivi W.

    Had a wonderful experience with their agent Kendall when I called in for assistance with understanding Medicare and my options…. read more – 10/16/2020

    Dru T. Avatar
    Dru T.

    The services provided by a trained consultant in Medicare and Part D plans are invaluable. It saves time and… read more – 10/10/2020

    Richard K. Avatar
    Richard K.

    My wife and I contacted Chris Westfall’s Senior Savings Network after researching Medicare and supplemental plans 6 months prior to… read more – 10/05/2020

    Vickie L. Avatar
    Vickie L.

    Robert Haddock was my agent in finding the Medicare Advantage policy suited for me. He treated me like royalty…. read more – 10/01/2020

    Robert P. Avatar
    Robert P.

    I am a total believer in this great company…I have interacted with Christopher (the owner) Melanie and Kendall….All three are… read more – 9/30/2020

    Ron G. Avatar
    Ron G.

    I was referred here by my wife who had a great experience. I was very impressed with the professional… read more – 9/25/2020

    debra m. Avatar
    debra m.

    Melanie was polite, patient, and professional while working with me. She offered several products for my consideration without pressuring me… read more – 9/23/2020

    Kathy V. Avatar
    Kathy V.

    I recommend Senior Savings Network to anyone turning 65. I love the idea of having an advocate to guide me… read more – 9/22/2020

    Thomas A. Avatar
    Thomas A.

    Melanie was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions! Super professional and friendly! – 9/17/2020

    Joseph S. Avatar
    Joseph S.

    My wife and I highly recommend Senior Savings Network to anyone looking for the best prices for a Medicare Supplemental… read more – 9/15/2020

    Gloria P. Avatar
    Gloria P.

    Give them 5 stars. I was so worried & confused when starting Medicare. Found Christopher’s informative videos on You Tube…. read more – 9/11/2020

    Svetlana D. Avatar
    Svetlana D.

    Senior Savings Network is a great team of experienced agents who helped me and my husband to pick the right… read more – 9/10/2020

    Galen D. Avatar
    Galen D.

    Chris and his team are amazing! Have been associated with them for 3 years, always helpful. I initially signed up… read more – 9/10/2020

    Franklin W. Avatar
    Franklin W.

    Melanie was very helpful with all aspects of this transaction. Very professional and knowledgeable about the availability… read more – 9/10/2020

    Norma V. Avatar
    Norma V.

    Haley has been extremely pleasant and helpful each time I have spoken to her. She takes time to answer… read more – 9/09/2020

    Peggy P. Avatar
    Peggy P.

    Senior Savings Network staff is excellent in answering all questions. They give the information and make suggestions, but you… read more – 9/08/2020

  • Brenda B. Avatar
    Brenda B.

    I began my search into Medicare plans 3 years ago and came across Senior Savings Network. After watching several of… read more – 9/03/2020

    Bill L. Avatar
    Bill L.

    Just got off the phone with Melanie ! She did a great job with explaining about the world of… read more – 9/02/2020

    Bill L. Avatar
    Bill L.

    Just got off the phone with Melanie ! She did a great job with explaining about the world of… read more – 9/02/2020

    Arlene G. Avatar
    Arlene G.

    Our experience with the Senior Savings Network was extremely positive. The You Tube videos produced by Christopher Westfall provided valuable… read more – 8/30/2020

    Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    Professionalism, expertise and excellent service by Melanie made the entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience. 5 STARS to her…. read more – 8/25/2020

    Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    Thank you Melanie and Chris. Your u tube videos provided great insight and education as I went through the medicare… read more – 8/20/2020

    Luis M. Avatar
    Luis M.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Melanie this morning and i was impressed with her very clear desire to… read more – 8/18/2020

    Kimberly C. Avatar
    Kimberly C.

    I started watching YouTube videos from this company about a year ago. Chris is extremely well-versed and gives honest… read more – 8/15/2020

    Kimberly K. Avatar
    Kimberly K.

    I started watching YouTube videos from this company about a year ago. Chris is extremely well-versed and gives honest… read more – 8/15/2020

    C. C. Avatar
    C. C.

    I was over whelmed with all the initial Medicare insurance decisions especially for medical plans since there isn’t a do-over… read more – 8/12/2020

    John R. Avatar
    John R.

    Melanie was so helpful and knowledgeable in helping me pick out a plan . Melanie took her time with… read more – 8/11/2020

    Jan W. Avatar
    Jan W.

    I highly recommend the Senior Savings Network.
    Christofer Westfall video’s gave me knowledge to start the process.
    My agent Melanie Bell was…
    read more
    – 8/08/2020

    Dale K. Avatar
    Dale K.

    After engaging with other similar companies, Melanie at Senior Savings Network was the only one to discuss and provide information… read more – 8/05/2020

    Dale S. Avatar
    Dale S.

    Excellent knowledge base, great follow up. And a big big thank you to Melanie Bell!! – 8/05/2020

    Mary P. Avatar
    Mary P.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network. The staff is knowledgeable, patient and very friendly. Melanie walked me through the whole… read more – 8/05/2020

    Kevin C. Avatar
    Kevin C.

    I have been with Senior Savings Network for over a year, Christopher Westfall and his team have been nothing short… read more – 8/04/2020

    D J. Avatar
    D J.

    Kendall just helped me find a better Medicare Supplement plan when my previous provider had a large monthly increase. … read more – 7/28/2020

    Cathy C. Avatar
    Cathy C.

    Excellent advice and professional help from Melanie. She saved us a lot of money and our coverage is even better… read more – 7/17/2020

    John H. Avatar
    John H.

    We’ve been using their services since we both went on Medicare. They do a great job of keeping us informed… read more – 7/14/2020

    Donna W. Avatar
    Donna W.

    After researching Medicare options for months, I kept going back to Christopher Westfall’s YouTube videos. When it came time… read more – 7/14/2020

    Sara W. Avatar
    Sara W.

    After researching Medicare options for months, my mom kept going back to Christopher Westfall’s YouTube videos. When it came… read more – 7/14/2020

    Angela Avatar

    Very patient and knowledgeable. My agent was Melanie B. and she is extremely helpful. I’m a person who,… read more – 7/10/2020

    A V. Avatar
    A V.

    Very patient and knowledgeable. My agent was Melanie B. and she is extremely helpful. I’m a person who,… read more – 7/10/2020

    Ramitan62 Avatar

    Senior Savings Network really know their business about the medical insurance field. We were retiring and needed to choose an… read more – 7/09/2020

    Beth W. Avatar
    Beth W.

    This group is AMAZING. Ms. Melanie Bell and her associates are a blessing from above. Her help and… read more – 7/09/2020

    Jay B. Avatar
    Jay B.

    I’ve been working with Chris Westfall’s Senior Savings Network for 3+ years now and I could not be more satisfied… read more – 7/08/2020

    John J. Avatar
    John J.

    Highly recommend Melanie. She explained our options for Medicare Supplemental plans in easy to understand way. Thanks John & Judy – 7/06/2020

    gen l. Avatar
    gen l.

    I love working with this company. All the staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I have saved a… read more – 7/02/2020

    Ron L. Avatar
    Ron L.

    Wewere turned on to Senior Savings Network through You Tube informational videos by the owner Christopher Westfall. They were so… read more – 7/01/2020

    Leslie S. Avatar
    Leslie S.

    I had the fortune of working with Elizabeth Guy who helped me sign up for my Medicare supplements. She is… read more – 7/01/2020

    Laurie Z. Avatar
    Laurie Z.

    I did a Google search to help understand the Medicare system as I reached retirement age. Chris Westfall’s company Senior… read more – 6/30/2020

    David B. Avatar
    David B.

    Senior Savings Network was able to answer all my questions, and provided me with the information I needed to decide… read more – 6/30/2020

    Mary B. Avatar
    Mary B.

    This service takes a ‘must task’ of what seems like many complicated choices and makes it all easy.
    Melanie had all…
    read more
    – 6/24/2020

    Georgeanne M. Avatar
    Georgeanne M.

    Licensed insurance professionals worked hard to find us the best rates on Medicare supplemental plans! Professional and concerned about their clientele. – 6/24/2020

    Anne L. Avatar
    Anne L.

    I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice and I am certified in both Family and Orthopaedic medicine with a specialty… read more – 6/23/2020

    Joe L. Avatar
    Joe L.

    Elizabeth (Liz) Guy was absolutely the greatest asset for someone new to the Medicare supplement plan nightmare, she answered all… read more – 6/22/2020

    Steve G. Avatar
    Steve G.

    Had the pleasure of working with Liz Guy. Very knowledgeable and helpful in choosing a supplement plan for my lifestyle,… read more – 6/19/2020

    Virginia P. Avatar
    Virginia P.

    We couldn’t be more pleased with Senior Savings Network. Every time we have reached out for advice, someone has immediately… read more – 6/17/2020

    Joe P. Avatar
    Joe P.

    Haley reached out to us to inform us of an opportunity to change plans. She explained the difference between our… read more – 6/16/2020

    David H. Avatar
    David H.

    Great service, very helpful and very knowledgeable. They know their stuff. – 6/16/2020

    Carolann H. Avatar
    Carolann H.

    It was a pleasure to work with several members of the staff as they worked with me to navigate… read more – 6/10/2020

    mary j. Avatar
    mary j.

    I just began the procedure of enrolling in Medicare for the first time with the help of Melanie at Senior… read more – 6/09/2020

    Vickie S. Avatar
    Vickie S.

    With the help of Chris’ YouTube videos I saved alot of time, well informed so glad I found them. … read more – 6/06/2020

    Me M. Avatar
    Me M.

    My biggest confusion was which Medicare Supplement to choose based on cost, rating and average price increases. Agent Liz… read more – 6/05/2020

    Donna F. Avatar
    Donna F.

    After watching your YouTube videos, we called and made an appointment with Liz. We couldn’t be more happier with our… read more – 5/28/2020

    Joyce S. Avatar
    Joyce S.

    There are so many aspects of Medicare, Part A, B, D, supplemental, dental, vision, etc. Melanie, my Savings… read more – 5/26/2020

    Susan B. Avatar
    Susan B.

    This company was so helpful in finding the best Medicare supplement for me. It can be overwhelming trying to wade… read more – 5/22/2020

    Dale K. Avatar
    Dale K.

    Melanie (and her staff) did a fantastic job of helping me sort through all the incredibly frustrating details of transitioning… read more – 5/20/2020

    Susan B. Avatar
    Susan B.

    They are trustworthy and knowledgeable. Their team saved us a lot of money. – 4/29/2020

    Audrey B. Avatar
    Audrey B.

    After watching a number of Chris’ videos, I knew that I wanted to have his organization help my husband and… read more – 4/22/2020

    Wayne B. Avatar
    Wayne B.

    Retiring in the next few months. After investigating several brokers for Medicare supplement insurance, I felt this company was heads… read more – 4/20/2020

    Nancy M. Avatar
    Nancy M.

    My husband and I are thrilled that we found Senior Savings Network. They helped us tremendously to navigate the… read more – 4/20/2020

    Mary G. Avatar
    Mary G.

    Chris develops educational videos for seniors which helps them to better understand through the complicated journey of finding the best… read more – 4/16/2020

    dale r. Avatar
    dale r.

    I had the pleasure of working with Liz Guy and could not have asked for a better representative to help… read more – 4/14/2020

    Dale R. Avatar
    Dale R.

    Excellent company to work with, I had the pleasure to work with Liz Guy who patiently and completely answered all… read more – 4/14/2020

    Jacquelin R. Avatar
    Jacquelin R.

    They are smart and capable of getting the job done in a timely manner. The price is right! – 4/09/2020

    Linda H. Avatar
    Linda H.

    I am SO glad to have found Christopher Westfall. Last year, he helped my husband and I understand what we… read more – 4/01/2020

    Lisa M. Avatar
    Lisa M.

    Chris and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and truly know Medicare ABC’s like none other. I was lost before… read more – 3/23/2020

    Carol B. Avatar
    Carol B.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network! I watched Christopher’s You Tube videos & then worked with Melanie over the… read more – 3/23/2020

    Gene R. Avatar
    Gene R.

    Gather great information from his videos easy to under stand plan English and facts. Work with one of his staff… read more – 3/20/2020

  • Mary K. Avatar
    Mary K.

    I am so thankful for Melanie. She helped me navigate through the complexity of Original Medicare vs Advantage Plans… read more – 3/18/2020

    Karen S. Avatar
    Karen S.

    Folks, if any of you are nearing the magical young age of 65 or if any of you are considering… read more – 3/16/2020

    Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.

    Best company I’ve ever worked with! Friendly helpful staff walked us through the mine field that is Medicare. Found the… read more – 3/10/2020

    Christine J. Avatar
    Christine J.

    After reviewing several companies and watching the video’s I chose Senior Savings Network. I am very pleased to say… read more – 3/10/2020

    Ken M. Avatar
    Ken M.

    Do your own research and decide which health coverage is wright for YOU. With so much information out there it… read more – 3/07/2020

    Lucille R. Avatar
    Lucille R.

    We use Senior Savings Network for so many reasons for our healthcare needs. They are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, helpful,… read more – 3/04/2020

    Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    I have been watching videos for about 2 years now, in preparation for my transition to Medicare. Seems to be… read more – 2/28/2020

    Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.

    Very helpful and honest. Nice to be able to trust someone when big decisions are being made that could effect… read more – 2/27/2020

    Sonic S. Avatar
    Sonic S.

    Just hung up with Melanie who got the ball rolling for me with all of my new Medicare needs. Chris’s… read more – 2/26/2020

    John S. Avatar
    John S.

    I highly recommend this company for selecting your Medicare supplement plan. We worked with Liz and she was very knowledgeable… read more – 2/21/2020

    Floyd H. Avatar
    Floyd H.

    Great support From Melanie Bell. answer all my questions. Anyone needing medicare supp. Call these people. – 2/21/2020

    Stu S. Avatar
    Stu S.

    Chris and the staff at Senior Savings Network [SSN] are great people. It is clearly evident they are foremost… read more – 2/21/2020

    Donna G. Avatar
    Donna G.

    Christopher has done a great job of explaining the Medicare maze through his videos. That is why I chose the… read more – 2/20/2020

    John C. Avatar
    John C.

    They know what they are talking about and are here to help me with my Medicare questions – 2/19/2020

    Connie H. Avatar
    Connie H.

    very helpful and answered all our questions! I would recommend to anyone! – 2/19/2020

    Agora L. Avatar
    Agora L.

    Agent was very helpful and answered all my questions – 2/18/2020

    Cheri B. Avatar
    Cheri B.

    positive review  I feel confident that they are watching out for me and keep me informed of any changes and I don’t… read more – 2/16/2020

    Kenneth B. Avatar
    Kenneth B.

    positive review  I am so glad I came across this website. All the videos have done an excellent job of explaining the… read more – 2/15/2020

    Mark L. Avatar
    Mark L.

    I have been extremely impressed with Senior Savings Network and how they have guided me through the process of navigating… read more – 2/05/2020

    Bob V. Avatar
    Bob V.

    I’m one of those people that research things to death and Christopher’s videos we’re invaluable as I went through the… read more – 2/05/2020

    John G. Avatar
    John G.

    positive review  Very knowledgeable and were a big help to me. – 1/30/2020

    Beverly D. Avatar
    Beverly D.

    positive review  service, efficient, timely help – 1/29/2020

    louis e. Avatar
    louis e.

    i just had the help of my new agent Melanie B with what i considered to
    be an overwhelming…
    read more
    – 1/28/2020

    John K. Avatar
    John K.

    positive review  As with many of us approaching retirement, finding the facts and understanding the full scope of choices we have to… read more – 1/27/2020

    Al G. Avatar
    Al G.

    positive review  Great company, I had many questions and Melanie had all the answers in a no fluff bs way of understanding…. read more – 1/27/2020

    Jan M. Avatar
    Jan M.

    The people at Senior Savings Network are great. In the beginning of my Medicare enrollment I had done a lot… read more – 1/18/2020

    Jeffrey C. Avatar
    Jeffrey C.

    positive review  Agency was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and had my wife and myself setup in a short period… read more – 1/16/2020

    Marcus P. Avatar
    Marcus P.

    Chris has a plethora of information on YouTube if you are getting ready to retire and need Medicare supplemental insurance…. read more – 1/14/2020

    Marcus P. Avatar
    Marcus P.

    positive review  Chris has a plethora of information on YouTube if you are getting ready to retire and need Medicare supplemental insurance…. read more – 1/14/2020

    David A. Avatar
    David A.

    positive review  The consultant I worked with was very, very knowledgeable and was able to obtain coverage with a major carrier that… read more – 1/11/2020

    Michel S. Avatar
    Michel S.

    I am new to Medicare but I have read a lot of information over the last several months. I more… read more – 1/07/2020

    BobCarol M. Avatar
    BobCarol M.

    positive review  Thank you Christopher for all your informative videos. I watched most of your videos daily while walking on my treadmill…. read more – 1/07/2020

    Patricia E. Avatar
    Patricia E.

    Good Morning Christopher/staff,

    With regard to the obstacles I experienced in wanting to obtain information about questions Medicare, I was provided…
    read more
    – 1/06/2020

    Nancy W. Avatar
    Nancy W.

    positive review  Incredibly knowledgeable and responsive.head and shoulders among all others we consulted. – 1/01/2020

    Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.

    positive review  I had been struggling with the dilemma of whether to keep my insurance into retirement or choose another path. … read more – 12/29/2019

    Edward S. Avatar
    Edward S.

    positive review  They are very knowledgeable and listen to you before answering.Thanks Melonie – 12/29/2019

    David P. Avatar
    David P.

    positive review  Easy signup for better plan – 12/14/2019

    Liz N. Avatar
    Liz N.

    I called this company from out of state because I was so impressed with all the information on their videos…. read more – 12/12/2019

    Janie W. Avatar
    Janie W.

    positive review  My 2020 Part D premium was going to almost double. I asked for help in finding a more affordable… read more – 12/10/2019

    Stan M. Avatar
    Stan M.

    positive review  Have used The Senior Savings Network twice for securing a medicare supplement and part D drug plans. They are… read more – 12/02/2019

    Joanne L. Avatar
    Joanne L.

    positive review  Excellent customer service!! Elizabeth was great at explaining and assisting both my husband and I in signing up for our… read more – 11/27/2019

    Jo A. Avatar
    Jo A.

    positive review  Chris takes the time to explain the issues and experiences being encountered in the medicare world. It is hard… read more – 11/24/2019

    Ron L. Avatar
    Ron L.

    We have been exceptionally pleased with the service we have received from Senior Savings Network. I watch the Christopher… read more – 11/23/2019

    Dan G. Avatar
    Dan G.

    positive review  After attending several free lunches to try and understand how all this Medicare stuff works, I then dove into the… read more – 11/23/2019

    Nancy H. Avatar
    Nancy H.

    positive review  OUTSTANDING Service I’ll be recommending Senior Savings Network to my friends and family! – 11/22/2019

    Becky K. Avatar
    Becky K.

    positive review  Fantastic service..helpful with all our needs..easy to deal with and you can call, email, or text your representative and they… read more – 11/22/2019

    Vincent B. Avatar
    Vincent B.

    Melonie Bell could not have been more helpful to me. Simply put she was FANTASTIC!! She answered all question very… read more – 11/20/2019

    Dannie M. Avatar
    Dannie M.

    positive review  Accurate, timely reporting about Medicare/ Medicare Advantage plans/supplements and any changes we need to know about. Chris reports the… read more – 11/20/2019

    Swtclggr1 .. Avatar
    Swtclggr1 ..

    During the busy enrollment times; this staff was working hard but got back with me. ( I know their information… read more – 11/19/2019

    Brenda F. Avatar
    Brenda F.

    positive review  They are awesome and keeps you informed every step of the way. Medicare is confusing enough but with their help… read more – 11/19/2019

    David C. Avatar
    David C.

    The daunting task of finding the best Medicare supplement plan that suits anyone was made simple by just watching a… read more – 11/15/2019

    Bob S. Avatar
    Bob S.

    positive review  Great service and easy to signup. They know what they are doing, they know the plans and can sign you… read more – 11/14/2019

    Jun K. Avatar
    Jun K.

    I watched Chris’s You-tube videos and those helped me a lot to understand the medicare supplemental insurance. I chose to… read more – 11/14/2019

    Elizabeth M. Avatar
    Elizabeth M.

    positive review  The most helpful and informative folks. Thank you, Mr. Westfall for all your help. We will pass on your info… read more – 11/13/2019

    Grace A. Avatar
    Grace A.

    positive review  I happened to find out about Christopher’s videos when I was getting info for Medicare. I found them easier to… read more – 11/13/2019

    Donna R. Avatar
    Donna R.

    positive review  Very knowledge and able to answer all questions. They are providing information rather than trying to sell you a plan. – 11/12/2019

    Mary K. Avatar
    Mary K.

    positive review  Medigap plan options are especially difficult to wade through on Medicare.gov and after seeing every video Chris did on YouTube,… read more – 11/12/2019

    Jack L. Avatar
    Jack L.

    positive review  Had a very good experience dealing with the Senior Savings Network. The Rep I dealt with is Kimberly Strong and… read more – 11/11/2019

    Adele E. Avatar
    Adele E.

    positive review  I have gone back and forth trying to figure out what I should do. All this literature and TV… read more – 11/09/2019

    Michael D. Avatar
    Michael D.

    positive review  Hello Chris. Happy to be friends with you here on Facebook. My wife and I would like to thank you… read more – 11/09/2019

  • Linda V. Avatar
    Linda V.

    positive review  The help and advice you need to make critical decisions which impact your future healthcare and finances. – 11/08/2019

    Valaree H. Avatar
    Valaree H.

    positive review  Everyone I dealt with when trying to sign my husband up for Medicare has been wonderful! Christopher and his… read more – 11/07/2019

    Gen L. Avatar
    Gen L.

    positive review  The Medicare information provided by Senior Savings Network is great. I found them on Youtube and have been very… read more – 11/02/2019

    Francine E. Avatar
    Francine E.

    positive review  Melanie Bell, is special! Melaniie, went far above and beyond in helping me obtain my insurance policy…. read more – 11/01/2019

    Maureen E. Avatar
    Maureen E.

    positive review  As a retired RN Case Manager I know how difficult it is negotiating with insurance companies trying to get authorization… read more – 10/31/2019

    Gloria P. Avatar
    Gloria P.

    I can honestly say I KNOW I am being taken care of. Robert H found me a much better Plan… read more – 10/30/2019

    Gordon W. Avatar
    Gordon W.

    Best service on the market. Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I feel very confident they have found the best company… read more – 10/26/2019

    Bam B. Avatar
    Bam B.

    positive review  Melanie Bell is one of the most helpful persons i have ever run across, very truthful friendly calls you back… read more – 10/13/2019

    Robert A. Avatar
    Robert A.

    positive review  I found Chris Westfall and The Senior Savings Network on Youtube in late 2014. My wife went on Medicare Oct…. read more – 10/09/2019

    Phil R. Avatar
    Phil R.

    I am in my mid 70’s and my wife and I had a Medicare Supplement plan from my ex employer…. read more – 10/09/2019

    Eileen P. Avatar
    Eileen P.

    Ask for Kim or Hanna! So glad I found these wonderful people. They have saved me hundreds of dollars… read more – 10/04/2019

    Eileen P. Avatar
    Eileen P.

    positive review  Kim was great and very helpful and she has the answers for all your medicare needs! She is someone… read more – 10/03/2019

    Betty F. Avatar
    Betty F.

    I talked with Hannah for my enrollment to Medicare supplements after watching numerous videos from Chris. They were very helpful… read more – 10/02/2019

    Loren K. Avatar
    Loren K.

    Medicare is a challenge to figure out. I attended seminars sponsored by my employer but since I am retiring and… read more – 10/01/2019

    Gary B. Avatar
    Gary B.

    Figuring out what direction to go, Medicare Supplement or Advantage and which plan to choose, were a little daunting at… read more – 9/27/2019

    Gary-Sandy B. Avatar
    Gary-Sandy B.

    positive review  Figuring out what direction to go, Medicare Supplement or Advantage and which plan to choose, were a little daunting at… read more – 9/27/2019

    Linda V. Avatar
    Linda V.

    I cannot say enough good things about my experience with signing up for Medicare with Kimberly Strong! She was… read more – 9/20/2019

    Rickey W. Avatar
    Rickey W.

    My Medicare Specialist is Melanie Bell, of Senior Savings Network. I could not be happier with her guidance and the… read more – 9/18/2019

    Robert K. Avatar
    Robert K.

    Many Thanks to Chris Westfall for providing the many informative videos about Medicare and the many supplement options available… read more – 9/17/2019

    Denman S. Avatar
    Denman S.

    Last year when I was ready to go on Medicare, I search YouTube for info on the various plans etc…. read more – 9/13/2019

    JAsiek S. Avatar
    JAsiek S.

    positive review  Very Professional Medicare service , a special agents Liza and Chris. – 9/10/2019

    Richard W. Avatar
    Richard W.

    Just got signed up for my Medicare Supplement Plan N to start in February when I turn 65. I worked… read more – 8/30/2019

    Marcia G. Avatar
    Marcia G.

    I have been working with this company since I turned 65. They are always very helpful and willing to review… read more – 8/25/2019

    V J. Avatar
    V J.

    This is a great company. They are constantly working for their clients, by looking at the best and cheapest plans… read more – 8/23/2019

    V J. Avatar
    V J.

    This is a great company. They are constantly working for their clients, by looking at the best and cheapest plans… read more – 8/23/2019

    Jeff W. Avatar
    Jeff W.

    Watching Chris and his videos was so informative. After listening to him I knew the most important thing was to… read more – 8/21/2019

    Jeff W. Avatar
    Jeff W.

    Watching Chris and his videos was so informative. After listening to him I knew the most important thing was to… read more – 8/21/2019

    RogerDavis795 Avatar

    SeniorSavingsNetwork has provided us with consistently excellent service over a period of 3 years so far, helping this husband and… read more – 8/19/2019

    Roger D. Avatar
    Roger D.

    positive review  Total knowledge, clear explanations, perfect service, major patience. – 8/19/2019

    Bernie W. Avatar
    Bernie W.

    I have been dealing with Senior Savings Network for years and have had nothing but the best experience. Kacie and… read more – 8/12/2019

    Stuart F. Avatar
    Stuart F.

    Liz alerted us to the need to consider changing our Medicare supplemental plans based on Chris’ careful analysis of changes… read more – 8/12/2019

    david k. Avatar
    david k.

    I retired approximately three and a half years ago and had deferred taking Medicare Part B due to getting coverage… read more – 8/06/2019

    Nam P. Avatar
    Nam P.

    After two months of searching for a Medicare supplement I found this company. Melanie was a tremendous help, very… read more – 8/06/2019

    Jd C. Avatar
    Jd C.

    positive review  Elizbeth Guy and Christopher Westall – 8/02/2019

    Kerry H. Avatar
    Kerry H.

    Melanie was very helpful and covered all the details.
    Happy everything got taken care of.
    I highly recommend them
    – 7/31/2019

    Bob G. Avatar
    Bob G.

    On two different occasions, we have depended upon the Senior Savings Network to help us find the best Medicare Supplement… read more – 7/31/2019

    Dee B. Avatar
    Dee B.

    So glad I found Chris’s YouTube channel a couple of years ago. I know that I will always get… read more – 7/29/2019

    Erica S. Avatar
    Erica S.

    Melanie & Hanna were absolutely wonderful in helping me make sense of the choices I had for my supplemental insurance…. read more – 7/29/2019

    Randy L. Avatar
    Randy L.

    positive review  We’ve always been told that “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”, well that’s not the… read more – 7/29/2019

    Art Avatar

    Working with Melanie Bell was such a pleasure. I never thought getting ‘old’ would be so enjoyable. She is knowledgeable,… read more – 7/26/2019

    Mary A. Avatar
    Mary A.

    I just had the pleasure of working with Liz, she was AMAZING. She LISTENED to my rambling and when… read more – 7/24/2019

    Heather M. Avatar
    Heather M.

    Hannah was very professional and extremely personable while taking care of all my health care insurance needs. She… read more – 7/24/2019

    Tim W. Avatar
    Tim W.

    positive review  Melanie was great she answered all of our questions and helped us find the right medigap coverage for us – 7/18/2019

    Nancy S. Avatar
    Nancy S.

    positive review  My agent Melanie Bell was very knowledgeable about the Medicare insurance. I would advise using this Network!! – 7/16/2019

    Dan F. Avatar
    Dan F.

    Their Youtube videos were very informative. They helped in steering me to the Senior Savings Network’. Their company… read more – 7/03/2019

    Cheryl S. Avatar
    Cheryl S.

    positive review  Senior Savings Network made it so easy for me to chose a Medicare Plan. – 7/01/2019

    Jim S. Avatar
    Jim S.

    I was at my wits end trying to figure out the Medicare network and in which direction I should proceed…. read more – 6/27/2019

    chris p. Avatar
    chris p.

    I know you are wondering….is this company and Christopher Westfall the real deal? Well he is and his company is… read more – 6/19/2019

    Christopher P. Avatar
    Christopher P.

    positive review  I am the type you hear about that always calls B.S. when it is justified. With Senior Savings Network this… read more – 6/19/2019

    Carol Avatar

    I have to admit I was very intimidated by just the thought of having to somehow sort through and choose… read more – 6/13/2019

    Carol J. Avatar
    Carol J.

    positive review  I have to admit I was very intimidated by just the thought of having to somehow sort through and choose… read more – 6/13/2019

    Nyrva J. Avatar
    Nyrva J.

    positive review  if you in the medicare industry – 6/08/2019

    Ed R. Avatar
    Ed R.

    positive review  The agents are very professional,knowledgeable and friendly.They will answer your questions and quote you the best rate…. – 6/05/2019

    mike M. Avatar
    mike M.


    Jeffrey K. Avatar
    Jeffrey K.

    Everyone here is so nice and helpful.I have been using their advice for 3 years now.When you first start looking… read more – 5/25/2019

    Pam F. Avatar
    Pam F.

    Chris Westfalls videos on medicare were very good.
    After calling the number given I was connected with Kimberly Strong. She was…
    read more
    – 5/01/2019

    Tana H. Avatar
    Tana H.

    I was referred to Senior Savers by family and have been very pleased with their customer service excellence! They are… read more – 4/03/2019

    Phil S. Avatar
    Phil S.

    I was very impressed with Senior Savings Network and their agent Kimberly. It was clear that their first priority… read more – 3/08/2019

    Bradley K. Avatar
    Bradley K.

    positive review  A couple of years ago I came across a YouTube video from Christopher Westfall of Senior Saving Network. He said… read more – 2/03/2019

    Suzy B. Avatar
    Suzy B.

    positive review  Thank you for all your expertise in assisting me with my new Supplemental plan. GPM called, and went over their… read more – 1/18/2019

  • Andrea G. Avatar
    Andrea G.

    My husband and I have been on Medicare for some time now. We were feeling that our monthly supplemental… read more – 1/11/2019

    Bobby H. Avatar
    Bobby H.

    positive review  I would recommend Chris and Kimberly or any of staff to anyone that needs help with anything that has to… read more – 12/19/2018

    Susan M. Avatar
    Susan M.

    Three years ago, my husband retired and was going on Social Security and Medicare. Being methodical, logical, and a… read more – 12/06/2018

    Eric K. Avatar
    Eric K.

    positive review  This company is great – they find the best rates from multiple reputable providers.

    Medicare Plan G with Aetna saved $76.77…
    read more
    – 12/05/2018

    Betty H. Avatar
    Betty H.

    positive review  They really helped me find the right plan for me. I was overwhelmed. They helped me sort it out. – 11/30/2018

    Betsy G. Avatar
    Betsy G.

    I stumbled on Christopher’s You Tube Medicare videos as I was approaching my final days of procrastination in signing up… read more – 11/28/2018

    Richard M. Avatar
    Richard M.

    Awesome company and professional friendly. I was lucky enough to get Hannah G as our agent. Hannah has the knowledge… read more – 11/15/2018

    M T. Avatar
    M T.

    When I first approached 65, I was overwhelmed by the government “legalese” language concerning Medicare. I figured that as a… read more – 11/14/2018

    M T. Avatar
    M T.

    positive review  The Agency out there for understanding, cutting through the ridiculously complex language and helping YOU make smart choices for the… read more – 11/14/2018

    Dave C. Avatar
    Dave C.

    Great company, if you are lucky enough to get Hannah G as your agent you are in GREAT hands. … read more – 10/29/2018

    M C. Avatar
    M C.

    positive review  Informative videos and very helpful staff. – 10/08/2018

    Susan R. Avatar
    Susan R.

    Six months before I became eligible for Medicare I called all around my little town looking for meetings that would… read more – 8/10/2018

    Tom G. Avatar
    Tom G.

    positive review  Knowledgeable, friendly, low pressure, professional, helpful. – 8/06/2018

    Barbara P. Avatar
    Barbara P.

    I watched Chris Westfall’s videos online and called the company. Since Hannah Garner’s name was recommended several times in… read more – 7/20/2018

    Colleen F. Avatar
    Colleen F.

    Am turning 65 this year, felt overwhelmed with mounds of Medicare insurance info. Did months of research, including watching Chris… read more – 6/26/2018

    Colleen F. Avatar
    Colleen F.

    Am turning 65 this year, felt overwhelmed with mounds of Medicare insurance info. Did months of research, including watching Chris… read more – 6/26/2018

    Brenda B. Avatar
    Brenda B.

    I found Senior Savings Network on YouTube while initially doing research on Medicare plans. The website is very professionally set… read more – 6/15/2018

    Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.

    Hannah made everything so easy, she send me information and let me think about things. This is a big… read more – 6/13/2018

    Karin C. Avatar
    Karin C.

    Senior Savings Network provides excellent customer service.
    When trying to understand what Medicare plan to choose for my husband when he…
    read more
    – 4/24/2018

    John C. Avatar
    John C.

    While doing Medicare research I discovered Chis Westfall’s YouTube channel. I found the videos to be extremely valuable, truthful, informative… read more – 3/26/2018

    Anne O. Avatar
    Anne O.

    I was searching the web for information on Medicare and found Christopher’s videos on YouTube. I learned so much… read more – 3/10/2018

    Diana F. Avatar
    Diana F.

    One of the hardest things about choosing Medicare options is figuring out which policy fits you best. My medical and… read more – 3/06/2018

    Nancy M. Avatar
    Nancy M.

    My husband found Senior Savings Network on YouTube and I was highly skeptical at first. I had already been… read more – 3/03/2018

    Bruce G. Avatar
    Bruce G.

    “65” here I come ready or not… Medicare can be daunting. Becoming familiar with terms like Parts A,… read more – 2/21/2018

    Janice A. Avatar
    Janice A.

    I love my Medicare Supplement and especially all the information I get from Hannah. She gave me so much info
    read more
    – 2/07/2018

    Paula A. Avatar
    Paula A.

    I was looking for info about Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplemental and started watching the youtube Vids from Senior Savings… read more – 1/25/2018

    Dan S. Avatar
    Dan S.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network. Ashley Maggio worked with my wife and me to find and enroll in… read more – 12/12/2017

    Doug N. Avatar
    Doug N.

    I came across them on You Tube..What a fantastic Company..I spoke with Hannah who was very knowledgeable about everything in… read more – 11/19/2017

    Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    I found Senior Savings Network on the Internet’s You Tube last year. I had been researching Medicare online and… read more – 11/17/2017

    My-chal L. Avatar
    My-chal L.

    I didn’t know what to do or how to begin. Medicare ins. is so big,so many chooses .I came across… read more – 11/16/2017

    Rita E. Avatar
    Rita E.

    While I was on the Medicare website, a video opened. It was Christopher with Senior Savings Network. His… read more – 11/07/2017

    Peggy S. Avatar
    Peggy S.

    The professionals at Senior Saving Network are just that….professional! They are very knowledgeable about their products and do not force… read more – 10/05/2017

    Rebecca H. Avatar
    Rebecca H.

    Excellent service! Very helpful! Saved me money and found me excellent coverage for all my healthcare needs! Now they have… read more – 6/12/2017

    Lynn C. Avatar
    Lynn C.

    I found the Senior Saving Network actually after viewing another insurance agents presentation on ” you tube”.
    I found the Senior…
    read more
    – 6/06/2017

    Bettye T. Avatar
    Bettye T.

    We appreciate Craig Melton! He has been so helpful as we have searched for our Medicare Suppliment. He has the… read more – 5/10/2017

    Barb C. Avatar
    Barb C.

    Hannah, at Senior Savings Network, was an awesome agent to help us thru the confusion of picking a policy in… read more – 5/06/2017

    D.j. H. Avatar
    D.j. H.

    Very informative! I recommend Senior Savings Network. The Medicare learning process can be very difficult and confusing. Craig,… read more – 4/28/2017

    Joseph C. Avatar
    Joseph C.

    Many thanks Craig ! you helped me see what possible problems that I would probably encounter with certain plans and… read more – 4/13/2017

    Dean F. Avatar
    Dean F.


    Marion F. Avatar
    Marion F.

    Trying to decipher the supplement information available for medicare insurance was made so pleasant and comfortable by Ashley at… read more – 2/24/2017

    Kathy C. Avatar
    Kathy C.

    They made sure I understood everything when I wanted to change groups.
    She was very nice and very understanding with…
    read more
    – 3/08/2016

    Janet W. Avatar
    Janet W.

    I think this is an excellent informational page. I am an agent in Ohio offering Medicare supplements as well as… read more – 6/28/2015

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