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Testimonials for Senior Savings Network

From High Point, NC

Rogers, AR

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  • Theresa Nunez Avatar
    Theresa N.

    The Senior Savings Network is the Best! The best in everything they do for their clients. You will not… read more – 10/11/2021

    Mark Natale Avatar
    Mark N.

    There are so many plans and options that you began to wonder what is really the right choice. Your… read more – 10/06/2021

    Cgee H Avatar
    Cgee H.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network for advice and recommendations regarding Medicare. I recently received help from Melanie Bell regarding… read more – 8/19/2021

    JHAN K.

    As a person turning 65 I was facing the many choices/decisions involved with losing my company retiree insurance and switching… read more – 8/18/2021

    Phil Mall Avatar
    Phil M.

    Melanie is absolutely the best! So personable, pleasant, and knowledgeable. Christopher is lucky to have her on his team. … read more – 6/29/2021

    Patrick Keegan Avatar
    Patrick K.

    I’m very happy with the support I’ve received from The Senior Savings Network. Kendall Pace provided me with written listings… read more – 6/28/2021

    Maureen Cunningham Avatar
    Maureen C.

    Kendall was amazing. She was so full of information and helpful. It is very intimidating all the information they give… read more – 6/28/2021

    Brandon B. Avatar
    Brandon B.

    wonderful honest organization – 6/17/2021

    Stormy1 Avatar

    I was looking for a medical supplement plan and had no previous experience with such a thing. Everything was as… read more – 5/28/2021

    Patie Edwards Avatar
    Patie E.

    I received outstanding service from Kendall. & Robert Haddock. They were very knowledgeable and was able to answer all… read more – 5/28/2021

    Billy Bob Barnabe Avatar
    Billy B.

    Melanie Bell and her associates are as they say they are. They are honest, forthright, and there to help…. read more – 5/26/2021

    Joy Tidwell Avatar
    Joy T.

    If you are nearing 65 and feeling the pressure about what Medicare plan to choose, call Kristina Guerry and allow… read more – 5/15/2021

    Mike Wetteland Avatar
    Mike W.

    I could write a book on how pleased I was with Melanie’s advice and guidance she provided in helping me… read more – 5/07/2021

    Dolly F. Avatar
    Dolly F.

    Love the professional integrity these people provide. The many videos posted have been a tremendous help in understanding the process… read more – 5/01/2021

    Rollie Richmond Avatar
    Rollie R.

    Our experience was very positive. Our agent, Kendall Pace, was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions thoroughly…. read more – 4/23/2021

  • Carol Ann Forbes Avatar
    Carol A.

    I just want to say that after watching some of Christopher Westfall’s videos on YouTube I decided to call and… read more – 4/18/2021

    gasman14787 Avatar

    After watching numerous youtube videos of Christopher explaining Medicare, I called Senior Savings Network and spoke to Licensed Agent Melanie… read more – 3/16/2021

    Lexington Greene Avatar
    Lexington G.

    I have followed Senior Savings Network for well over 5 years. Their YouTube videos provide excellent, straightforward, current information… read more – 3/01/2021

    Sharon Broussard Avatar
    Sharon B.

    They have helped us understand and save money ever since we became eligible for Medicare (5 years now). Not… read more – 2/12/2021

    Jo Ann Trammell Avatar
    Jo A.

    Last year, was open enrollment for us. At that time, it was so reassuring to have the help and… read more – 1/27/2021

    Lynnda C. Avatar
    Lynnda C.

    I highly recommend Senior Savings Network for your supplemental policy! Melanie Bell is very knowledgeable and walked me through the… read more – 1/26/2021

    Ed Reiter Avatar
    Ed R.

    It was a pleasure working with Kendall and the Senior Savings Network Team. The videos are most informative and… read more – 1/20/2021

    Patti M. Avatar
    Patti M.

    Talked with Melanie Bell,very professional and knowledgeable would highly recommend. – 1/12/2021

    Agnes W. Avatar
    Agnes W.

    My husband and I called Senior Savings Network because our Medicare Part B supplemental policy cost had exploded! The lady… read more – 1/12/2021

    Pat L. Avatar
    Pat L.

    I like that the folks I dealt with actually seemed to like their job and liked helping people. I never… read more – 1/11/2021

    Holly Johnson Avatar
    Holly J.

    I will be 65 very soon and knew I had to sign up for additional coverage besides Parts A and… read more – 1/07/2021

    Melody K. Avatar
    Melody K.

    Sr. Savings Network is an insurance broker for Medicare products (also long term care insurance too which Medicare does not… read more – 1/05/2021

    Clif Gentle Avatar
    Clif G.

    I was told to call Senior Saving Network before I enrolled for my Medicare Plan B.

    Brook took my call. She…
    read more
    – 1/04/2021

    Henry A. Avatar
    Henry A.

    I have took alot of risk in forex/binary trading, I have been scammed different times with different account manager I… read more – 1/02/2021

    Sharon Gonwa Avatar
    Sharon G.

    Signing up for Medicare for the first time is a nightmare – unless you have qualified, expert help who puts… read more – 12/28/2020

  • S Godiva Avatar
    S G.

    Signing up for Medicare for the first time is a nightmare – unless you have qualified, expert help who puts… read more – 12/28/2020

    Michael R. Avatar
    Michael R.

    Great experience, very knowledgeable & very polite – if you need insurance I highly recommend this agency!!! – 12/28/2020

    Margot Zimmerman Avatar
    Margot Z.

    Senior Savings Network is an outstanding company. We found them four years ago after striking out on our own… read more – 12/28/2020

    Gary P. Avatar
    Gary P.

    Haley Wiggins with Senior Savings Network did an OUTSTANDING job in helping to explain the very confusing and overwhelming amount… read more – 12/21/2020

    Bob Jerman Avatar
    Bob J.

    Fantastic customer service was provided by both individuals that I interacted with at the Senior Savings Network. I had… read more – 12/17/2020

    Sherry P. Avatar
    Sherry P.

    Any Senior friends looking excellent Medicare services, I highly recommend Senior Savings network! – 12/17/2020

    Carl D. Avatar
    Carl D.

    very nice and professional at what they do they will find the right plan for you – 12/15/2020

    Mike M. Avatar
    Mike M.

    Well, medicare can be confusing with the a la carte menus for all of the plans. These guys have studied… read more – 12/15/2020

    Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.

    These people really know their stuff! They provided very specific, timely, and free information to us regarding our Medicare… read more – 12/10/2020

    Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    Kendall Pace (our representative) was so helpful in taking out the worry of making the right choice. She made… read more – 11/30/2020

    David Spangler Avatar
    David S.

    I have found Senior Savings Network to act more like a partner than a vendor/agent. I learn so very much… read more – 11/19/2020

    Barbara B. Avatar
    Barbara B.

    I have used this network and gotten to know Michael over the phone since they started up. Have never… read more – 11/18/2020

    Jay Urban Avatar
    Jay U.

    Received the expected phone call on the dot. The advisor was very courteous and helpful with all my questions… read more – 11/18/2020

    Colleen Flanagan Avatar
    Colleen F.

    Found this wonderful company via Chris Westfall’s YouTube videos. Have used Senior Savings Network since I became Medicare eligible years… read more – 11/15/2020

    Connie W. Avatar
    Connie W.

    My agent is Melanie Bell. She gave me her full attention. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She helped… read more – 11/07/2020

  • Niki S. Avatar
    Niki S.

    Highly recommended this company to anyone needing assistance choosing Medicare Supplemental insurance. The agent I spoke with, Melanie, was… read more – 11/03/2020

    Rebecca C. Avatar
    Rebecca C.

    They are knowledgeable, prepared, friendly, responsive, and accurate. I saved over 66% from my previous insurance with a higher benefit level…amazing. – 11/03/2020

    Kris L. Avatar
    Kris L.

    Great company, Kendall with senior savings was very helpful and knowledgeable. – 10/30/2020

    Willie H. Avatar
    Willie H.

    I really would recommend senior saving network. – 10/27/2020

    Joseph N. Avatar
    Joseph N.

    the info I needed because I understand ship about insurance – 10/26/2020

    R Patton Avatar
    R P.

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!! My husband and I spoke with Haley for a… read more – 10/23/2020

    Patty S. Avatar
    Patty S.

    I am fairly new to Medicare. I was confused and stressed. After making the decision to contact Senior Savings Network… read more – 10/22/2020

    Joe L. Avatar
    Joe L.

    They are looking out for their clients, not going for the highest commission. I’m going into year 2 of Medicare… read more – 10/22/2020

    Jim M. Avatar
    Jim M.

    First, turning 65 has its own issues, we won’t go there!

    As for signing up for Medicare I did not have…
    read more
    – 10/21/2020

    Dale E. Avatar
    Dale E.

    Helpful and FREE advice regarding Medicare related issues. I live in another state but contacted them after seeing founder Christopher… read more – 10/20/2020

    Catherine A. Avatar
    Catherine A.

    As always clear and concise information with knowledgeable agents! – 10/16/2020

    Vivi Whit Avatar
    Vivi W.

    Had a wonderful experience with their agent Kendall when I called in for assistance with understanding Medicare and my options…. read more – 10/16/2020

    Dru Thompson Avatar
    Dru T.

    The services provided by a trained consultant in Medicare and Part D plans are invaluable. It saves time and… read more – 10/10/2020

    Richard Keller Avatar
    Richard K.

    My wife and I contacted Chris Westfall’s Senior Savings Network after researching Medicare and supplemental plans 6 months prior to… read more – 10/05/2020

    Vickie L. Avatar
    Vickie L.

    Robert Haddock was my agent in finding the Medicare Advantage policy suited for me. He treated me like royalty…. read more – 10/01/2020

  • Robert Porter Avatar
    Robert P.

    I am a total believer in this great company…I have interacted with Christopher (the owner) Melanie and Kendall….All three are… read more – 9/30/2020

    Ron Gustafson Avatar
    Ron G.

    I was referred here by my wife who had a great experience. I was very impressed with the professional… read more – 9/25/2020

    debra mcmillan Avatar
    debra m.

    Melanie was polite, patient, and professional while working with me. She offered several products for my consideration without pressuring me… read more – 9/23/2020

    Kathy V. Avatar
    Kathy V.

    I recommend Senior Savings Network to anyone turning 65. I love the idea of having an advocate to guide me… read more – 9/22/2020

    Thomas Adams Avatar
    Thomas A.

    Melanie was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions! Super professional and friendly! – 9/17/2020

    Joseph S. Avatar
    Joseph S.

    My wife and I highly recommend Senior Savings Network to anyone looking for the best prices for a Medicare Supplemental… read more – 9/15/2020

    Gloria P. Avatar
    Gloria P.

    Give them 5 stars. I was so worried & confused when starting Medicare. Found Christopher’s informative videos on You Tube…. read more – 9/11/2020

    Svetlana Davydets Avatar
    Svetlana D.

    Senior Savings Network is a great team of experienced agents who helped me and my husband to pick the right… read more – 9/10/2020

    Galen Drake Avatar
    Galen D.

    Chris and his team are amazing! Have been associated with them for 3 years, always helpful. I initially signed up… read more – 9/10/2020

    Franklin Watson Avatar
    Franklin W.

    Melanie was very helpful with all aspects of this transaction. Very professional and knowledgeable about the availability… read more – 9/10/2020

    Norma Vandermeer Avatar
    Norma V.

    Haley has been extremely pleasant and helpful each time I have spoken to her. She takes time to answer… read more – 9/09/2020

    Peggy Phillips Avatar
    Peggy P.

    Senior Savings Network staff is excellent in answering all questions. They give the information and make suggestions, but you… read more – 9/08/2020

    Brenda Burdge Avatar
    Brenda B.

    I began my search into Medicare plans 3 years ago and came across Senior Savings Network. After watching several of… read more – 9/03/2020

    Bill Lockwood Avatar
    Bill L.

    Just got off the phone with Melanie ! She did a great job with explaining about the world of… read more – 9/02/2020

    Bill L. Avatar
    Bill L.

    Just got off the phone with Melanie ! She did a great job with explaining about the world of… read more – 9/02/2020

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