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BUT – there are some things you should know before joining a Medicare Advantage Plan.

These are things that most sales agents will NOT tell you that you are giving up, if you join a Medicare Advantage plan.

Please read this article about Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare.

It is quite eye-opening and includes information from the American Medical Association, California’s Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program, and Ralph Nader.

See the article here:

The following videos offer insight into “Advantage” plans not found anywhere else:

 Considering a Medicare Advantage Plan to save money?

Consider This: Most retirees are on a fixed income.

This means that our senior clients like a health care plan with no hidden fees or surprises – like the consistent, monthly premiums that occur with a Medicare Supplement policy. 

But, with a Medicare Advantage Plan you could have a big surprise when you need hospital services: increased out-of-pocket payments.
 Take a look at the comparison chart below. The blue line represents a consistent monthly Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan premium, compared to the unexpected and sudden costs associated with using a typical Medicare Advantage program.

Some agents use the “Max out of Pocket” with Medicare Advantage as a good thing.

Well, that Max out of Pocket limit allowed by Medicare for 2022 for HMO is $7,550 and $11,000 for PPO plans.
Some plans may vary, depending on the insurance carrier in your area.

This chart shows one client’s payments after a 4-day hospital stay and outpatient procedures with the Medicare Advantage plan.
 Avoid the red line that’s possible with Medicare Advantage.

Life can be uncertain, your coverage doesn’t have to be.

Medicare Supplements vs. Most Medicare Advantage Plans:

Concerns of Seniors: Medicare
Restrictive Network of doctors and hospitals NO YES
Co-Payments to Providers NO on Plan F or G.
Up to $20 on Plan N at Doctor
YES – Varying
Up to $6,700 yearly
Out of Pocket Costs
Health Plan Decides What Test and Procedures
Are Approved For You
Can Your Plan
Be Cancelled?

Cannot be cancelled as long as premiums
are paid


Plans are approved yearly and can be dropped.

Ability to Travel the Country and Use Any Doctor or Hospital YES NO
Is Pre-Certification Required for some Treatments? NO YES

Penalties apply if pre-cert not done.

MD Anderson Cancer
Treatment Center Included?

MAYO Clinic Included?


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