Turning 65 – Best Medicare Plan

Turning 65 – brand new to Medicare

What a great opportunity for a new senior citizen!
Choosing the best agent to work with can make a big difference when you turn 66, 67, 68.

Most all of our clients had an agent chase them down when they were 65 years old.

Unfortunately, these agents disappeared when the rates started to go up.
Our 70 year old clients have not heard from their agent since they were 65 years old!

The difference in the automatic rate increases vs. what they could get in the market today can be a difference of $100 per month in savings or more.

Please watch this important video on turning 65 and how to pick your agent for life:

What is the best Medicare plan for someone turning 65?
By working with your independent insurance agent, like the Senior Savings Network, that is easily solved.

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We are completely independent and are not employed by any one insurance company.

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