Why People Leave Medicare Advantage Plans

Why are so many people leaving Medicare Advantage Plans?
Studies show several reasons for the trend.

  1. Location

An article in Modern Healthcare found that people living in rural areas are more likely to leave Medicare Advantage and go back to Original Medicare. This is partially attributed to the lack of available in-network doctors, specialists, facilities, etc. 

  1. Cost

Along with being in a rural area, those with costly services are also more likely to disenroll from Medicare Advantage. One study warns that if Private Insurers start charging out-of-pocket costs for lifesaving COVID-19 care, people on Medicare Advantage could face hospital bills of $1000  or more. 

In this video, we discuss several studies that address why enrollees are choosing to leave Medicare Advantage. We also cover time frames and how to switch your Medicare Advantage plan or get back on to Original Medicare. There isn’t one plan best suited for everyone but we can help get you the knowledge needed to decide what plan best suits YOUR needs.

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